Siser® Puff HTV

Siser Puff- Heat Transfer Vinyl

Ready to raise your designs to the next level? As the name implies, Easy™ Puff is a unique HTV that “puffs” up from the garment when heat applied, transforming designs into a textured 3D look. Easy Puff provides a bold style that’s perfect for lettering and other large designs that can highlight the elevated effect. With a pressure-sensitive carrier and low application temperature, Easy Puff truly lives up to its name!Applies to: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester,Cotton/Poly Blends  Cut Shiny side up.

Application Instructions: 

Temperature: 280°F / 138oC
Time: 15 Seconds
Pressure: Firm
Peel: Hot


Wait 24 hours before first wash
Machine wash cold
Use mild detergent
Tumble dry on low setting
Do not bleach or dry clean
Wash inside-out for best results


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