EasyColor™ DTV™

South FL Vinyl

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Siser® EasyColor DTV

Siser® latest innovation EasyColor Inkjet, is a white, printable material with a matte finish. Designed to be compatible with desktop printer inkjet ink. EasyColor provides excellent print quality with vibrant colors. Only slightly thicker than Easyweed, EasyColor is lightweight enough for polyester applications, yet still opaque enough for light and dark fabrics. Simply print, cut, mask, and heat to make full-color creations with your desktop printer!

  • Compatible with Inkjet Printers 
  • CPISA certified for use on children's clothing
  • Durability up to 50 washes
  • Semi-gloss finish 
  • Can be used with a Laser Cutter
  • Will not adhere to nylon
  • For use with TTD EasyMask Sheets
  • 310 degress for 15 seconds peel hot

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